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Hey y'all.

I was wondering if anyone here has had experience with the Howard Brown Health Center. I have seen folks talk about it, but only kind of in vague terms. I have perused their website, but I'd love to hear if you have had personal experience with them, or know someone who has.

My main questions, since I have heard that they are really fat-friendly, are:

1) will they take non-LGBT folks?


2) do they have sliding scale fees, or some kind of financial aid available?

I have a chronic pain condition, and suffer from PTSD, with a lot of resulting mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety. I also have no health coverage, and am currently unemployed. Its a little bit of a scary place to be, especially when I don't know where I'm getting my next med refill from. I've been going to the clinic at St. Joseph's Hospital, because they have decent financial aid, but the medical care there is a total joke.

Any other suggestions would be fantastic, too.

Thank you!



Howard Brown is ok, but they can be really strict about insurance things (like, you don't qualify for sliding if you have insurance, even if the insurance is too much or doesn't cover everything) and they have a long wait (it can be up to a year). Heard much better things about the Chicago Women's Health Center. It is a smaller organization, but I have heard better things about the management's attitudes.

They also have acupuncture and perhaps some other alternative care type things.

And they are fat-friendly.
Absolutely 100% second the recommendation to contact Chicago Women's Health Center. They are generally focused on women's health services (gynecological care, etc.) and counseling, but they do have an acupuncture program, and I think they could help you find other health care resources. The counseling program is amazing, and they are absolutely fat friendly, and they will work with you on the cost to make sure their services are accessible to you.

Depending on your disability level from the chronic pain condition, maybe get in touch with Access Living to see if they can offer you any referrals or advice - http://www.accessliving.org.

Good luck. It is a scary place to be, and I wish you the best.
I'll check with the Women's Health center, thank you. I'll make sure I call them first thing in the morning.

I'll also check out accessliving, but I'm fairly functional these days, so we'll see.

Thanks again for the advice.
Thank you, I will check with them. I don't have any insurance whatsoever, but I can't wait a year to be seen. Fat-friendly is a must. I am sick of going to the other clinic and having the doctors tell me that if I just lost a bunch of weight, all my problems would disappear.

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