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OBGYN, north side

Hey all! I'm looking for a gynecologist. I've been putting it off for ages... and now would like to make an appointment to set my mind at ease. I haven't been to the GYN since moving to Chicago, and haven't been to one outside PP. I'd like to find a doc who is on the north side (my new house is in Ravenswood, so the closer the better, though I'd travel for an outstanding doc). While I hate hate hate hate HATE the procedure (seriously, I'm near tears while she's doing her thing), the biggest thing I'm looking to avoid is a doctor who is going to make me feel like trash because I'm fat. Also, I plan to ask her about fertility options, so if you know of anyone to avoid (many doctors have a problem assisting women who are overweight with fertility issues without forcing them to lose weight), please give me those names as well so I don't make an appointment with a jerk!

Oh, one more caveat - I'm really not comfortable visiting a man. Yeah, it's weird.

I know there was a similar post a while back, but I think it was looking for a south side physician. Sorry for such a similar post. Thanks in advance, ladies!


Can you get to Skokie? My reproductive endocrinologist is Dr. Anne Borkowski. She takes care of my gyn health as well. I LOVE HER. She is seriously the best doctor I've ever had. She has never, never, never once made me feel bad about my weight. She's been nothing but positive. You didn't mention, but if you suffer from PCOS she knows so much about it. I'm DEATH FAT and she's totally willing to help me with my fertility issues, too. (I've put my fertility treatment off for a while.)

I'm a big fan. I see her in her Schaumburg office but she spends more time in Skokie. I don't have a hard time getting in to see her, either.
Wonderful! I have heard of her, actually, and what's funny is that I have gone back and forth about setting up an appointment with her. I was all set to do it, too, but then thought I didn't want to waste her time with a basic gyno visit; then was thinking since I'd like to go to her for fertility help that it might be beneficial... I've passed her office many times and have no problem getting there, so that's great. When we were looking at houses, we actually looked at a place right around the corner and I was thinking how convenient that would be. Hehe.

Thanks again, that's a great help!
Oh, good! She really is super nice and positive. Like I say, I'm not working on my fertility stuff right now but that's not been a problem.
My GP is amazing and takes care of all my gyn health. She's in the Advocate Ravenswood medical center - Ravenswood and Wilson. Her name is Kristen Pelligrino and even though I'm DEATH FAT (like miz ~elizawrites) she's been ery good about never making me feel horrible because of it.
Wow, you guys are fast. And now I'm facing a dilemma! This building is maybe 3 blocks from the townhouse we just bought, so I could get there in maybe 10 minutes walking. I may have to call both and find out which will be able to get me in sooner. I'm such a hypochondriac and need my mind put at ease... hehe.

And a bonus: I've learned a new term! I believe I too qualify as DEATH FAT, so that also speaks highly of these doctors.

Thanks again!
If you're that close we're neighbors-ish... the husband and I live over in Andersonville.
Chicago Women's Health Center - http://www.chicagowomenshealthcenter.org/
Thanks for recommending them. It may be really helpful since it appears you can make an appointment on Saturdays. Thanks for your help!

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