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sales post--

I don't really have the time to mail these all out individually (class thursdays and all day fridays, plus finals, plus I'm flying out in two weeks!)... but I'd like to make sure they get a good home.

I'm offering six pairs of pants (two pairs of slacks, four pairs of jeans); ideally, I'd like $40 for the lot but I'm open to negotiation. They all more or less fit me, and I'm 5'8", 235, somewhere between an 20-22 on the bottom (one pair is slightly big).

I'd prefer that someone come pick them up (or else I'll have to add on shipping--and this could be a lot, for six pairs of pants), but I live superclose to the red line (1.5 blocks from Wilson, 2.5 from Lawrence!), and I'll even make you a cup of tea/hot chocolate for your trouble! :D

size 24 tall, 32" inseam
Venezia low rise bootcut jeans
medium/light wash
used but in good condition, cuffs are just a little worn.

size 18 tall, 34" inseam
Venezia stretch bootcut jeans
medium/light wash
used but good condition, no cuff wear.

20W Merona black slacks with subtle stripes
30" inseam
poly rayon blend.
new w/o tags--had these for a while but I'm not sure that I've ever actually worn them anyway.

size 25 Truck Jeans from alloy
37" inseam--they were on clearance, and I thought I'd have time to hem them up and take them in (they're a little big on me). this is the only pair that doesn't really fit me--it's a bit big.
if you like to cuff up your pants pretty high though these would be awesome.
brand new, medium wash, all cotton + made in the USA.

route 66 22W jeans
medium wash, 31" inseam
used but pretty good condition--I think I've only worn them once or twice. the right thigh does have a little blob on it, but nothing major.

24W Mossimo black slacks
32" inseam
black, poly rayon blend
new--don't think I've ever actually worn these either.




I am interested! When would you want someone to come get them?
Honestly the schedule is kind of wonky (obviously)... uhm, today before 5pm, saturday after 6pm, sunday before 2pm, wednesday afternoon (any, and we're also having a cookie and scrabble party that evening, too!)... If any of those don't work I can maybe fiddle with some of those times.
Sunday before 2 pm works! Want to take it to email for the details? itsottermatic at gmail.

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