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December swap!

Hey ladies (and gents)!
I'm trying to gauge interest in a clothing swap for December. I wanted to know what day works best for everyone (18th, 19th, or 20th) I know most of us are tight on funds this month, so I thought this would be a good way to get together, stay warm, and get "new" clothes! I can volunteer my apartment ( by Loyola Red line). It's a bit small, and I have cats, but I think we can work with it. If everyone can chip in something to eat or drink that would be great. We can have some wine ( or if you are like me a rum and coke!), maybe have some chick flicks on the TV in the background, chat, and swap. Accessories, shoes, and sterilized make up are welcome! If you are interested please reply with what date works for you, your clothing size, and your shoe size.
If none of those dates work for you, tell me what day might work.

Any day works for me.
I wear an 2x top and 20/22 bottoms
Size 9-10 shoes.

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I'm good for any, but I might think that people would be less busy in January, if that's an option?
Yep! January seems to work best for everyone, so I will do something mid Jan.
Oh man - I wish I could come! If it was on the Saturday evening I might be able to.

I even TOTALLY have shoes I could bring.

ETA - Clothing everywhere from size 14 (oh how I miss it) to a 20 (maybe).

Shoes size 10 (men's 8 to 9; I have at least a couple of pair that I stupidly bought too small and couldn't return)

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We are going to plan it for January
SCORE. Thank you! Hopefully I'll be able to come!
18th or 20th for me! Size 18-22, size 9-11 shoes! :D How fun!
We are going to plan it for January.. seems to work better for most people
There's a Chicago Fats google community? How do I get to that? (I googled it and didn't seem to come up with anything).

Also, it's kinda short notice for me. But have fun!
We are going to plan it for January instead.

Heres the google group

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