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Love this doctor!

I went to http://www.parkwestfp.com/ for a Pap Smear, and generally had a pleasant experience with the doctor. I've gone to this facility a number of times, but never was seen by Dr. Kapur before. She never made me feel uncomfortable with the whole procedure, and was very informative. She did mention weight loss, but that was only brought up once we talked about my family medical history. Since I've been living in Chicago I've has nothing but bad experiences with doctors about weight loss; from one doctor making my whole visit about how much I weigh ( when I went in because I sprained my ankle), to another doctor telling me that I should work at a lingerie store because being surrounded by skinny people will motivate me to lose the 100 lbs she thought I should lose ( note: those 2 doctors were not doctors at Park West). Dr. Kapur suggested that losing 25 lbs would put me at a more healthy weight for my body. If I lost 25 lbs I would weight 220, and would still be fat, and she was completely fine with that! I'm making Dr. Kapur my primary doctor and I think she is worth checking out if you are looking for a doctor!


This is great information to have. I should get one... but the bane of my existence, the speculum, keeps me from doing so. Heh. Thanks again for the tip. :)
She used a very small one on me w/o me even asking her to!

February 2010

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